Training to Win

To truly excel at any sport or activity takes dedication, focus and above all hard work. In this day and age where ‘being busy’ is the norm and we are all so time pressed, how can we make the most, or encourage our kids to make the most of each and every training session to help us truly reach that goal?

We’ve been chatting to Craig Cains, head of tumble, at Urban Gymnastics Club in Glasgow, and he’s given us his top five tips to get the most out of training.

FOCUS:  If you don’t focus on your training then you won’t win – it’s that simple! You need to be focussed on a training plan and set yourself goals for every session to give you something specific to work towards.

CONCENTRATION: This can often be tricky for our younger gymnasts but it’s important on so many levels. Lack of concentration can result in injuries and can cause you to make silly mistakes, which come competition time, can have a big impact on the result. Practicing concentration is just as important as practicing runs and routines.

RESULTS DRIVEN:  In a competitive squad I expect all my gymnasts to have the will to win, and that desire should be evident in every training session. As a squad we all encourage and motivate each other which really helps instil that winning spirit.

DIET: Eating and drinking the right things before and after training will really help get the most out of it. You’ve got to have the right fuel in your body in order for it to perform to its highest ability. Plenty of protein and healthy carbohydrates are great for energy and stamina and drinking plenty of water will make sure your body is hydrated, improve your mental preparation and replenish lost fluids post training.

DETERMINATION: Probably the most important factor in any training session is determination. Even if you aren’t the most naturally gifted in your chosen sport, if you put your heart and soul into your training and show that determination week in week out, then you will improve.

Craig Cains is head of Tumble at Urban Gymnastics Club

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