This is me


After nearly five years in business I thought it might be time to tell you a little bit about the team behind SSB. I was inspired to start Smart Strong Beautiful because of my two daughters. Back then one was a tumbler and one was a dancer and I was just obsessed with finding new leotards and activewear for them. I loved it so much that decided to make it into my side hustle.

I live in Glasgow with my husband and two girls who all help out behind the scenes. Whether that's runs to the post office, photo and video shoots or unpacking new stock, everyone chips in. 

I work with a local printer and graphic designer on my t-shirts and I have a wonderful small manufacturer in Pakistan who helps me create all our high quality, bespoke SSB active wear.  

Now as we appraoch our fifth birthday, I'm proud at the progress we have made and that's all down to the on-going support from you - our loyal customers and fans. Thank you! 

It's true what they say about small business owners - everytime someone places an order, we do a little happy dance. An app on my phone makes a little cash register sound when an order is placed and every single time it chings I get that excited feeling. 

Along with my team, I have big plans to keep growing SSB and I'm always keen to hear your ideas and feedback so if you have anything you'd like to share then please reply to this email. 

There are other ways you can help too: 

  • Share our content on social media
  • Choose our products for gifts
  • Recommend us to a friend
  • Leave a review on Facebook
  • Comment, like and save our content on Instagram (the alogorithm is so hard to keep on top of)
  • Send us pics of your girls in their SSB products for us to use on social

 So there you have it - a little bit about me. 

Have a great day.