Six top tips for competition days

Competition day top tips from the experts

Who else approaches competition day with a mixture of thrill and trepidation?  Whether you are a gymnast, dancer, cheerleader or athlete, every-time we watch our little ones compete, it’s the ultimate emotional rollercoaster.

Let’s face it, while our budding athletes do the bulk hard work, parents are working super hard in the background to make sure all the practical arrangements and logistics are planned to perfection. And, probably the most challenging job of all is making sure our kids remain calm and above all enjoy the day.

We’ve chatted to a few parents from the gymnastics, dance and cheer world, and they’ve given us their top tips for a happy competition day. 

Start on a positive note – we love inspirational quotes and listening to feel good songs. Aniya’s favourite at the moment is I am a Champion by Carrie Underwood.

Krystal, mum to Aniya (WAG gymnast)

Excitement is key – if they don’t get a thrill or a buzz out of competing then what’s the point. On the way to a competition we always sing loudly in the car and make sure there’s plenty of chat. Competition days will be a forever memory so it’s important to make them fun!

Ali, mum to Evie (dancer)

Hold your head high – we always remind Aaliyah how far she has come to get to this point and that as long as she keeps her head up and a smile on her face then that makes us prouder than any medal could. We always remind her that even the best gymnasts have days when things don’t quite go according to plan.

Chloe, mum to Aaliyah (WAG gymnast)

Be prepared – Amelia gets really nervous the day of the competition so we try to make it as stress free as possible. We pack our gym bag the night before so she knows she isn’t going to forget anything. We put all her competition clothes out ready and even all her hair products, so when she wakes she’s got less to think about. If she’s competing in the afternoon we try to go in the morning, if the comp is local, and keep her mind busy.

Emma, mum to Amelia (WAG gymnast)

Keep yourself calm – even though I might be super anxious for my girls inside, I never let on. I always use a calm voice and try to be as laid back as possible, in the hope that it will rub off on them. I make sure not to put pressure on them and just encourage them to have fun with their friends.  

Suzanne, mum to Lola and Charlotte (cheerleaders and tumblers)

Medals are a bonus – go thinking it will just be an amazing fun experience whatever the outcome and anything over that is a bonus!

Kate, mum to Rose (Tumbler)

We’d love to know your top tips for a successful competition day? Leave them in the comments below.