Rebecca's Mom - Life in a Leo

As exclusive supplier of Rebecca's Mom leotards across the UK and Europe we thought you would like to know a little bit more about the American brand. 

One of the top leotard manufacturers in the USA, Rebecca's Mom is run by Rebecca and her mum, Candy, who started making leotards for Rebecca when she was a young gymnast. 

Check out their podcast, which gives you some insight into life behind the scenes at their HQ in Hollywood, California.

With a strapline of Comfort is our Style, it's no surprise that Rebecca's Mom are known for their super-soft lycra and luxurious velvet trims, which gymnasts have been training in for more than 25 years. And did you know the company produce bespoke leotards for the UCLA gymnastics team - how cool! 

So if you haven't given a Rebecca's Mom leotard a try, why not give them a go. Everybody who has bought one from us, has been back for more, with their pretty prints and comfortable styles winning every time! 

Check out what we have available on the website or drop us an email if you you'd like more information on what we have available -