Keeping cool in the Heatwave

Keep cool this summer

Across many parts of the UK and Europe, it’s the hottest summer we’ve seen for decades. With temperatures set to reach upwards of 35 degrees, keeping cool is a constant challenge, especially for girls who are used to being active and on the-go all the time.

We asked our ambassadors for their top tips for keeping cool this summer and here’s what they said:

Hydrate Hydrate Hydrate

It might seem obvious but hydrating is probably the single most important thing you can do to keep safe in the sun. During a heatwave excessive sweating means we lose more fluid and need to replace it with water and it’s especially prevalent in young children and the elderly. Symptoms include headaches, dizziness, fatigue, dry mouth and thirst. Some younger children might not be able to communicate symptoms so parents and carers can also look out for less frequent trips to the toilet, dry mouth or tongue, sunken eyes or cheeks, no tears when crying and a sunken soft spot at the top of the skull for babies.

 So how much water should your children be drinking? Dr Sanjay Mehta, GP at the London General Practice says: “During a heatwave be even more vigilant and aware of the amount of water you and your family drink and try to intake at least 20% above what you would usually have.”

 In the words of our youngest ambassador, Madi – ‘Don’t forget to drink lots.’

Freeze your drink before training

If your active girl is still training in the heat, it’s so important to take extra measures to keep them cool. Our ambassador Maddie and her mum, love to freeze Maddie’s bottle before heading to training, because not only does it cool her down during a training session but it’s also super refreshing.

Crushed ice can also be bought in the supermarket and is a great addition to drinks to make them more appealing. You can even add fruit to your ice cube trays before popping them in the freezer, that adds a bit of flavour and excitement. Many water bottles now feature measurements meaning kids can see for themselves how much they are drinking – it helps them understand the volume they should be drinking every day.

Tuck into an ice lolly

Our ambassador, Ava, loves an ice lolly or an ice pole and eating plenty of them throughout the day, is her top tip for keeping cool. Make your own popsicles with fresh fruit and fruit juice and nibble on them throughout the day or stock up on the many low sugar options available in the shops which are ideal for some chill time. However, eating creamy ice cream may not have the desired colling effect. Peter Poortvliet of the University of Queensland said: ‘While it may seem logical that introducing something cold, like ice cream, into the stomach should help reduce temperature, its initial cooling effect is rapidly replaced by heat generated by digestive processes needed to break down the nutrients in ice cream. Digesting calorie-rich food leads to an increase in body temperature.’

 There are plenty of other foods that can help you keep cool. Those with a high water content are the best port of call. Cucumbers, for example, are an excellent choice, because they are 95% water. Other foods with a high water content include:

  • Strawberries
  • Watermelons
  • Courgettes
  • Pineapples
  • Mangos
  • Green peppers
  • Oranges
  • Iceberg lettuce
  • Celery

Dress for the temperatures

Again it seems obvious, but wearing light colours in lightweight fabrics is a must! Our ambassador Jess, recommended always wearing a hat in the sun and Ellie recommends taking a spare t-shirt with you which you can get wet and put on if you are very hot.

Work out clothing is actually very suitable for hot weather because it’s comfortable and breathable and made of material that helps absorb sweat and keep you cool.

The colour of your clothing can also have an impact on your body temperature. Dark colours tend to absorb more heat so stick to whites and lighter shades to help you feel cooler.

Sylvia P’s crop sets are the perfect choice for the heatwave whether you are chilling or trying to keep up with some training. You can also check out our SSB’s biker shorts which are made of a lightweight cotton and perfect for wearing when out and about.

 Enjoy the sun!

 Last but no means list is a top tip from our long-standing ambassador, Amelia and she says: ‘Have fun and enjoy it.’ She’s right – it might be a little too hot for some, but by getting out and about earlier in the day or later in the evening means you can make the most of the sunshine. Get the paddling pool out (being responsible with water usage of course), head to the beach, use your air track for some slip n slide fun or just chill with friends.

 Whatever you do, stay safe!