Jumping for Joy

Katie Gallagher is a Scottish elite trampolinist and recently won Gold at the Scottish Tumble Championships in Perth. Here she gives us a little insight into what makes her brilliant!

I love the adrenaline you get when trying a new and complex skill and the feeling you get when you complete a new move – it’s such a buzz!

Don’t be scared to try new things – being brave is the only way you improve. Remember you won’t be able to do everything right first time so persevere. It will be worth it.

Hard work is the only thing that’s going to make you truly the best - it’s a cliché but so so true. Passion helps too – if you don’t enjoy what you do then you definitely won’t succeed.

I keep myself to myself the few hours before competing, it helps me get into the zone and focus. I’ve also got a competition playlist that I listen to. My favourite pre competition song is Martin Garrix’s Animals.   

Drink water! It helps with so many different areas of a healthy lifestyle and so many athletes in training just don’t drink enough.

Katie has just won Gold for trampolining (17-21 age group) at the Scottish Tumbling Championships in Perth.

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