GMD Summer Daze

We're super excited to be stocking GMD's new Summer Daze range, and what's more we are one of only two retailers, stocking it in the UK. We've been chatting to the GMD team, who have given us a little insight into the inspiration for their new collection. 

Summer Daze

Our brand new collection “Summer Daze” is a vibrant clash of colour, reminiscent of a hot Australian Summer.

This collection has been inspired by the stunning picturesque beaches of Australia, with the cool washes of seafoam and cobalt tones running throughout the ocean.

We have showcased the gorgeous seafoam colour in our Hawaii items with gleaming mystique fabrics, replicating the glimmer of the ever flowing ocean swell.

 On the sandy Gold Coast beaches you will find a vast array of bright umbrellas & towels splashed all over the place by beachgoers, which has inspired the vibrant clashing “Confetti” print you will see throughout the range.

Colour blocking is one of our favourite ways to showcase multiple colours all at once, and adds a quirky unique design spin. The confetti print gained its name by the way the bits and pieces within the design randomly fall where they may, just like confetti!

 Motivational sayings have been incorporated into this collection along with the vibrant clashes of colour, designed to empower young athletes to look and feel their best!

The flossy girl motivational leotard is among our favourites, showcasing the fabulous saying “Be the girl who decided to go for it!”.

The best part is... the confetti range is chlorine & salt water resistant, making it the perfect summer go-to outfit for whatever your day might bring.

Wear it to the gym then take it to the beach, you’re all set. We thought to ourselves why can’t it be both, so that’s exactly what we did.

 All in all this collection has been designed to bring a show stopping vibrant flair to functional children’s activewear.

We hope you love this collection as much as we do, who doesn’t want to stand out from the crowd!